Our summer menu showcasing five tapas from our restaurant Shanee. Enjoy it all summer long.

Dine-in only.


$7 before 6pm 

$9 after 6pm

Tom Yum Pops

Tom Yum flavoured crispy chicken or soy pops.

Tom Yum Fried Cheese

Fried mozzarella served with Tom Yum sauce.

Thai Nachos

Crispy wonton chips topped with spicy basil pork or spicy soy meat.

Curry Poutine

Poutine with your choice of one of our curries on top.

Pad Thai Slaw

Zucchini and carrot noodles, cherry tomatoes,

and peanuts served with Pad Thai sauce.


Summer Iced Tea

Hibiscus, lemon grass and

mint tea.

Thai Red Sangria

Red wine, basil gin syrup, mango juice, lime and fruit.

Thai White Sangria

White wine, basil gin syrup, passion fruit juice, mango juice, lime and fruit.

Thai Rosé Sangria

Rosé wine, basil gin syrup,

guava juice, lime and fruit.


Soft Serve

ice cream

The best of summer in one cup:

 a dessert and a cocktail!

Thai Affogato- soft serve with a shot ok Kahlua and vodka.

Margarita- soft serve with a shot of tequila and orange liqueur.

Piña Colada- soft serve with a shot of coconut liqueur and rum.